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30 Years of Experience in Massage and Lymphatic Treatment


Since the early 1990s, I have been a registered massage therapist and a certified lymphatic therapist. My fascination for the human body along with its movement and alignment led me to focus on the body as a whole. I combined my wide experience and extensive training to develop the “EuniqueAlignment Therapy protocol” for re-establishing and maintaining good health and pain-free movement. This (e)unique treatment method allows me to be more precise in finding the underlying cause of pain and injury. My treatment plans are customized for each individual to reduce pain and inflammation. Call me to learn more about my services.

Cosmetic Therapy

Scars, Cellulite, and Much More

This non-surgical procedure, often described as “a facial from the inside out,” uses Lymphatic Drainage and Medicupping to detoxify and increase circulation to fat cells, connective tissue, and collagen fibers below the skin’s surface. For cellulite conditions, this “feel good” therapy can break up the fat, which your body then eliminates naturally. More than one session is often required, and with multiple treatments, this non-invasive, relaxing approach can reduce fine lines, improve elasticity, minimize cellulite, and recuperate skin texture.

Mobile Services for Special Needs

Eunice recognizes that not all people are able to visit her office. When clients are unable to travel, Eunice will bring her services to your home, seniors' centre or hospital.

Is Your Back and Shoulder Pain Getting Worse?

I provide personalized therapies for correcting your body posture and easing muscle pains.


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