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The Fitness Program That Works


I have designed the Eunique Gentle Fitness class that integrates Chiball QiGong, Breath Walking, and Somatic Movement Therapy. For more information about organizing classes and other workshops offered, call me.

Exercise — The Eunique Way Somatic Movement


Eunique Self-Release

The physical benefits of movement therapy include:


Greater ease and range of movement


Increased balance, strength and flexibility


Improved muscle tone and coordination


Joint resiliency


Cardiovascular conditioning


Enhanced athletic performance


Stimulation of circulation


Prevention of injuries


Greater longevity


Pain relief


Relief of rheumatic, neurological, spinal, stress


Relief of respiratory disorders

Movement therapy can also be used as a meditation practice to quiet the mind, foster self-knowledge, and increase awareness. In addition, movement therapy is beneficial in alleviating emotional distress that is expressed through the body. These conditions include excessive clinging, and anxiety attacks. Since movements are related to thoughts and feelings, movement therapy can also bring about changes in attitude and emotions. This can also improve physical function and reduce discomfort.

Who Can Learn Eunique Self-Release?

Everyone Can!

The Eunique Method

No matter what a client comes to see me for, there is always a postural component to the treatment. Poor posture is not a cause; it is simply a symptom indicating over or under-functioning of various bodily systems including musculoskeletal, endocrine and nervous. Hours sitting, staring at screens, lack of exercise, poor functional biomechanics (movement patterns) all contribute to the symptom of poor posture, which may then lead to other symptoms such as lack of focus, headaches, chronic stress, swelling, digestive problems, visual disturbances and poor balance.


Alignment assessments are crucial for me as a therapist, and also to each patient’s improvement. Focusing on the body as a whole is most important. The information gathered in the standing assessments provides the information for me to zero in on the source of the patient’s condition, which is often not the area of pain. Treating pains and discomforts is simply chasing symptoms, and although patients feel improvement after treatments, the pain soon returns if the cause is not understood. It is more important to find the root cause if the treatment is to be successful.


After the alignment assessment is complete, treatment begins. Depending on the needs of the patient, I use a combination of various modalities that I have learned over two decades of practice, including myofascial release, manual lymphatic drainage, abdominal organ treatment (Chi Nei Tsang), vaccu therapy, kinesio taping, and more.


Patients need to understand the reasons for their symptoms and make improvements between therapy sessions. I stress to all patients that there is no magic cure or therapy. If they simply go back to the old ways that created the issues, they will return to their previous state. Understanding the force of gravity and how to use it is crucial to our health. That is why I provide education regarding alignment and “homework” methods for creating new movement patterns. Much of the improvement is about retraining the brain.

Is Your Back and Shoulder Pain Getting Worse?

I provide personalized therapies for correcting your body posture and easing muscle pains.


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