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Planning to eliminate your pain and start a new healthy life? Visit Eunique Massage & Fitness in Calgary for a highly trained and experienced expert who can help you ease muscle pains and get on with an active life. From myofascial release to medicupping and (e)unique alignment assessments, I provide all.


Book an appointment and feel the difference! I offer personalized massage treatments to treat your specific body needs.

Please download the following intake form and print it out. Once you’ve filled it out completely, email it back to me.

Contact information


Eunique Massage & Fitness

Located in the Highwood Area of NW Calgary

Phone: 825-994-4458


Suffering from a Severe Pain?

Forget your back and shoulder pain now with massage therapies from Eunique Massage & Fitness. Fill out the form below and let me know what you are suffering from and how I can help you.


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