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Mobile Therapy in Calgary

Eunice recognizes that not all people are able to visit her at her office. If you are unable to travel, Eunice will bring her services to your home, seniors' centre or hospital. All Eunique therapies are pain-free and it doesn’t involve the use of oil or lotion.

The home services provided by Eunice include:

Myofascial Release

If you are suffering from pains and headaches often, facial problems could be a cause. These do not show in standard tests. With the use of myofascial release treatment, Eunice aims to treat aches that are exerted by the fascia.

Chi Nei Tsang

Also known as Chinese Abdominal treatment, it helps refine your body and improve your emotional and physical being. It is designed to train internal organs to work effectively.

Alignment Assessment

Do you have a constant ache in your back? An imbalance in your body may cause body ache. Eunice will conduct an alignment assessment and also suggest gentle exercises to help you regain your balance.

Lymphatic Therapy

Noticed a swelling in your legs or hands? Eunice can treat Lymphedema. This helps reduce the swelling and re-route the excess protein and water molecules to more healthy lymph vessels.

Somatic Re-Education


Eunice offers movement therapy to alleviate emotional distress. A few conditions can include excessive clinging, anxiety attacks and eating disorders. It can also create a positive impact on your attitude and emotions.


Switching the body from a sympathetic (stress) to parasympathetic (relaxed) response feels good and also helps the body to heal. In addition to looking great, good body alignment helps improve breathing digestion, circulation and overall health. This is dependent on our movement and posture.


Contact Eunice for a consult today by email ( or by call (825-994-4458). You can also fill out the form to get in touch with her.

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“I’m great at keeping your head on straight” – Eunice Mooney

Is Your Back and Shoulder Pain Getting Worse?

We provide personalized therapies for correcting your body posture and easing muscle pains.


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